Restaurant Pagers for servers & staff

Whether you’re replacing that old call bell or streamlining your entire operation, we have a restaurant server pager system that fits your needs. All of our server pagers can be called from the kitchen transmitter as well as the host transmitter if you are using guest pagers.

Our server pagers for restaurants offer on-site programming. If a pager is lost or broken, you simply reprogram another one for that number. You do not need white boards or grease pencils because now your pager is the same as your ID. The chef knows the number to page because it will be printed on the ticket as the server ID.

With our restaurant server pager systems, you'll keep your servers on the floor interacting with guests, increase check averages and deliver food at its proper temperature.


Server Paging Systems

Server Pager transmitter 9000 Series

Server Pager Transmitter LCK

Server pager transmitter LCM

> T9000 Series Transmitters

Page servers when food is ready and serve your orders at the proper temperature every time.

> T9550 LCK

Our rechargeable, low-cost kitchen transmitter can page up to 12 pagers and provides a mobile solution.

> T9550LCM

Also rechargeable, the T9550LCM server pager transmitter is mobile as well and can page up to 999 pagers.