School & University paging solutions Need more information? Why Pager1?

School/ University Pager SolutionsPaging systems by Long Range Systems are utilized across a wide range of industries. Our systems are reliable and effective providing you a greater degree of communication between staff. Academic organizations are taking advantage of the greater security that paging systems provide as well as the convenience and efficiency of using pagers where students must wait.


Student Paging Systems

> Coaster Pagers

> Adverteasers - Paddle Pagers

Reduce long lines but still be able to notify students.
Perfect for:
• Libraries
• Registration
• Financial Aid
• Guidance Counselling

Faculty Paging

> Faculty Paging System

Campus-wide paging can eliminate class interruptions and tracking down faculty to deliver messages. Page staff from any PC on your network.


> Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet access is paid for by advertisers allowing you to offer free broadband internet access to students.