Retail Solutions Need more information? Why Pager1?

Retail Pager Solutions from Pager1Pager1 has developed multiple solutions to meet the needs of the retail and service industry. Our solutions help to minimize staff, enhance customer service, and communicate more efficiently.

• Improves customer service.
• Reduces overhead paging.
• Increases security.









Customer paging

> Coaster Pagers

> Adverteasers - Paddle Pager

Eliminate the frustration of waiting lines and give your customers more opportunities to shop.   Ideal for Returns Department, Service, Gift Wrap and Customer Pick-Up

Customer Assistance

> Pushbutton Paging

Whether it’s in your dressing rooms or other departments, Push Button Paging will give your customers the service they demand while lowering your overhead.


Motorola radios

> CLS Radios

> XTN Radios

Communicate effectively with all managers and staff using two-way CLS and XTN radios by Motorola.

Staff Paging

> Interoffice Paging

Instantly page employees within your facility via phone or computer.