Here are some reasons why the Long Range Systems Staff Pagers remain the highest quality and best performing pagers in the world today.

When we developed our pagers, from the outset, we utilised the newest technology batteries - NiMi batteries of very high power which easily have more than enough power to power our staff pager for very long times.

Our Staff pager utilises the latest very low power consumption discreet chips and components that are state of the art - you can see from the first picture below just how great the design is. Low chip count also leads to extremely reliable products.

Pager1 Batteries are completely sealed in the unit. They are designed to be fully compliant with Health & Safety.

These batteries are over specified at manufacture time and we view external batteries as a step backwards.

We have never had a battery leak acid to our knowledge to date.

Make the product in the right way and this is THE solution for Staff paging.
Notice on this product the very large chips used along with other chunky and outdated components - they might not appear to be a problem, but when combined with batteries that are 0.18 amp this is a recipe for disaster.

In fact, the picture below shows a competitors later product, which suffers in different ways... and then moved to EXTERNAL batteries... read on....
This unit utilises removable rechargeable batteries. The charger is often a non-commercial consumer product with resulting problems

On the face of it, this design would appear to the layman as a good move but it has many drawbacks including:

Pager loses battery cover (often)

Pager clip breaks off (often)

The rechargeable/removable batteries can leak ACID - a Health and Safety hazard just waiting for a claim from an employee!

Disposal of these batteries will have added costs in the UK due to European Legislation in future - a hidden cost which is so easy to overlook
These clips are held on with 3 tiny little plastic grabs - you can see on the picture that they often break. The clip is also held on with sticky tape!

The bad news though is that we have heard of customers paying up to £50.00 just to change a clip!

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