OPUS T1 Radio - Licensed        Need more information? Why Pager1?


Among our other products on offer is the new Opus T1 Radio - fantastic features and ready to go right out of the box - on a UK General license which we will manage for you (as we do on all equipment if requested to do so.)


  • Opus T1 Key features:
    Very simple, user friendly operation
    High capacity 1100 mAh Li-ION battery
    PBR UK General Licence channel variations
    38 CTCSS + 166 DCS privacy codes

    models available to suit your requirements
    Supplied with belt-clip & wrist-strap
    Busy channel lock-out & scan function

    weighing only 190g with battery
    headsets, earpieces etc.
    Extensive range of other accessories


Each radio includes:

  • Everything you need - all in one box!
    Radio body (VHF or UHF), 1100 mAh Li-ION Battery,
    Desktop charger, UK Power supply, Flexible antenna,


This is our top selling radio now.


Use of your Opus T1 requires a low cost Business
Radio (UK General) licence - just one licence will cover
your whole organisation. As your radio system expands
and develops, your Opus radios can grow with you -
each unit can be configured to use on-site or wide-area
PBR licence channels.



Opus T1 radio

COmpatible equipment

> External Speaker Microphone

> Headset with Swivel Boom Microphone

> Earpiece with Microphone

> Multi-unit Charger