european and world compliance of equipment we manufacture Need more information? Why Pager1?

The equipment we manufacture is made to the strictest and most stringent standards found in ANY pager system worldwide.

We are a caring manufacturer that always considers environmental and legislative aspects very carefully and are always fully compliant regarding the differing standards and legislation in the many areas of the world which is our selling environment.

Our products are certified to meet all standards in the countries in which they are sold.

However, you may find that other companies, some of which supply your territory are actually non compliant to legislation and standards which should be adhered to for the longer term and the good of the environment in this new millennium.

Remember, it is not just an offence by the importer (most of them are just simple distributors of equipment) but it can also be an offence by the buyer and operator of the equipment - in some cases illegal product could be confiscated and destroyed with no recourse by the buyer and operator.

We advise ALL potential pager system customers to check their supplier and ensure that the supplier IS FULLY COMPLIANT, it matters, and it could cost you the investment if you do not ensure that the equipment you buy IS compliant to your territory. Most Equipment within Europe needs to comply regarding CE and RoHS compliance and WEEE compliance if applicable.