Alphanumeric Pager Need more information? Why Pager1?

Our alphanumeric pager is absolutely the easiest to use, full-messaging on premise pager on the market. Until now, the complexity of the standard alphanumeric pager has been overwhelming and not user-friendly. Our alphanumeric pager has simplified menus and only gives you the on-site features you need like auto on/off and deleting messages. It boasts advanced features like group paging, wireless programmability and out-of-range indication. This is truly the first alphanumeric pager designed for the on-premise market. The Pager1 alphanumeric pager is compatible with all Pager1' transmitters and offers the longest range available. This alphanumeric pager operates on 1 AAA battery that lasts approximately 3 months with normal usage. It automatically switches from a 2-line display to 4-line display depending on the length of the message.

Our alphanumeric pager is compatible with the T7400, T7450, NetPage, the Informant Survey system, The Butler alert system and our RS232 transmitters.

Product Features

  • Onsite programmability
  • Holds up to 99 messages
  • 4 line, 200 character display
  • Vibrate and beep alert modes
  • Operates on a single AAA battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Automatic backlight
  • Automatic On/Off increases battery life
  • Pager cradle
  • Supports up to 9 groups
  • Set time and date from any Pager1 transmitter




Compatible equipment

Paging System Transmitter

> T7500 Paging System Transmitter

Paging System Transmitter

> T7450 Paging System Transmitter - with Cell Phone Paging

Paging System Transmitter

> T7400 Paging System Transmitter

Customer Survey

> Informant - Electronic Comment Card

PC Paging

> Netpage - PC Paging

Butler I

> Butler I - Alert Sensor

Pushbutton Paging

> Butler II - Pushbutton Paging

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