alert system transmitter - butler I Need more information? Why Pager1?

The Butler is a simple pushbutton transmitter that activates any Pager1 pager. The alphanumeric pager can be customized with any message up to 200 characters.

The Butler has two main functions:

  1. A Pushbutton Transmitter
    Each of the four buttons can be programmed to transmit a specific message depending on the pager type being used. Battery operation allows the Butler to be mounted virtually anywhere. Great for instructing staff to report to specific areas as they are needed.
  2. An Alert System
    The system can be integrated with 4 independent sensors which can be used to monitor entrances and exits and can be configured in any combination of normally open or normally closed. When the sensors are tripped, the butler transmits a signal to a pager(s) notifying the recipient which trigger has been tripped. (Ideal for any sensor - temperature, door, water level, etc.)


  • Staff Communication
  • Room-to-Room Notification
  • Exit/Entrance Monitoring
  • Customer Service Assistance
  • To-Go, Drive Thru Notification
  • And Much More.

Alert System Features:

  • 100mW output power
  • 4 independent push buttons
  • 4 user-configurable triggers
  • Comes with 2 magnetic door sensors
  • PC interface for easy programming
  • Works with alphanumeric pagers
  • Programmable messages for each trigger
  • Up to 1/4 mile range
  • Operates on one 9V battery or 9V battery eliminator
  • UHF frequency (420 – 470 MHz)
  • Overall size: 2.5" x 4.5"

Alert System Benefits

  • Increase efficient facility operations by communicating with staff silently
  • Ideal for connecting to any sensor, such as temperature, door, water-level, etc.
  • Battery operated so you don’t need to be near 110V outlet.
  • Customized messages for different triggers instruct staff specifically and immediately



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