Pharmacy solutions Need more information? Why Pager1?

Pharmacy PagersPharmacies are busier than ever and more competitive.  It is essential that pharmacies develop new methods of doing business to meet the demands of the customer.  On top of that, the government has added more regulations regarding confidentiality. To meet these needs, We have developed multiple on-premise wireless solutions that will increase your level of customer service as well as:

• Increase sales by allowing waiting customers to shop
• Maintain customer confidentiality
• Reduce overhead labour requirements


Customer Paging Systems

> Adverteasers - Paddle Pagers

> Coaster Pagers

Page guests when prescriptions are available. Allows customers to browse store increasing sales and profits. Also keeps customers' confidentiality by eliminating overhead PA system.

customer assistance

> Pushbutton Paging

Pushbutton transmitters enable customers to request assistance with the push of a button.




drive-thru notification

> Drive-Thru Paging

Notify staff immediately when a vehicle enters the prescription drive-thru/pick-up lane.

motorola Radios

> CLS Radios

Motorola two-way radios keep staff connected making communication a breeze.